Soybeans & Pulses

Soybeans & Pulses Designed for Nutrition 

Specializing in food grade soybeans and pulses designed to meet the rigorous standards of both the food industry and animal nutrition. 

PURIS soybeans
non-GMO soybeans

Food grade soybeans

Soybeans purposefully crafted to meet the demands of specialized soy food manufacturing processes, with an unwavering commitment to exceptional taste and quality.


Yellow field peas

PURIS provides a comprehensive range of whole and split yellow and green peas, along with pea fiber and culls sourced from our Harrold, SD facility, which proudly holds SQF certification.

PURIS soybeans

Transparent supply chain for trusted nutrition

All of our soybeans & pulses are 100% traceable, non-GMO, and grown across North America. 

  • Vertically integrated from seed to fork
  • SQF Certified Facilities  
  • Available in Organic
  • High-Quality
  • High-Protein
  • Vertically Integrated
  • Superior Quality 
  • 20+ years of Export Experience
  • Comprehensive Logistics & Transportation Capabilities 
  • Best in Class Cleaning & Sorting Capabilities 

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