Finished Applications

Imagine what you can make

Our foundation for the next wave of clean label foods is in plant-based milks, protein bars, snacks and cereals, and everything in-between. 

PURIS plant-based ice cream

Easily source raw ingredients

By removing steps in your process, PURIS can change how consumer-ready foods are produced — starting with your raw ingredients. With ingredients for an astonishing array of applications and trends, we give you the power to innovate, entice, surprise, and delight.



Explore ready-to-mix, ready-to-drink, and acidic beverage protein options that boast neutral flavors, high protein content, and zero aftertaste.

Pouring PURIS non-dairy milk


Create the next plant-based dairy product with the benefits of pea protein.

Cereals & snacks

Cereals & snacks

Nail the right chewy or crunchy texture with the help of protein-packed crisps.

PURIS plant-based meat

Plant-Based meat

Used in the world's best plant-based meat products, from burgers and sausages to fibrous chicken.

Not sure which ingredients are the best fit for your product?