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It Starts & Ends With Plants

We’re on a mission to restore knowledge, control, and trust within the food system.

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Peas with a sustainable purpose

When you choose PURIS foods, you benefit every link in the chain of food production: flavorful and nutritious choices for people, profitable opportunities for growers, flexible ingredients for food makers, and practices that nourish the soil, the environment, and life on earth.

We don’t settle for plant-based — we are fanatical about making plants enjoyable for everyone, while creating flavorful and nutritious options that benefit both people and the planet.

PURIS plant-based burger

The benefits of a whole-plant perspective

Our endlessly versatile foods are a wholesome basis for every meal, food application, and consumer trend — from powders and beverage mixes to finished foods like energy bars, meat analogs, and cereals.

Our foods are the foundation of health and happiness for Americans today, and scalable to the needs of a growing planet tomorrow.

The power of peas

PURIS has created versatile nutritional building blocks for just about everything we eat, from starches to sweeteners and fibers. By going beyond protein to embrace all parts of the plant, we squeeze more goodness out of everything we grow, leading to a heaping bucket of benefits.

Lower food costs
Less food waste
Less negative environmental impact
Improved nutrition
Better tasting foods
Higher quality food products
Better value

We started small to do something big

What started as a one-person mission to bring a more sustainable process to food manufacturing has turned into a movement that could fight food insecurity and rebuild a struggling ecosystem.


FTE Genetics & Frontier Seeds are founded by Jerry & Renee Lorenzen


First commercial lines of FTE Genetics are available for sale through Frontier Seeds​


World Food Processing is founded and the first WFP factory is built in Oskaloosa, IA​


WFP expands to Minnesota with construction of plant II in Randolph, MN for natto cleaning​


WFP acquires a milling ingredient manufacturer to take the first steps to ingredient manufacturing


WFP purchases Protein Isolation facility in Turtle Lake, WI from Kerry Foods


WFP innovates and produces first pea protein isolate in the USA​


WFP releases PURIS® Pea Protein to the marketplace as the first and only pea protein manufactured in the USA


WFP renames the company PURIS® as the beacon and direction to complete their mission


PURIS® announces JV with Cargill where Cargill is back in the PURIS® pea business


PURIS® purchases a dairy protein plant in Dawson, MN to determine fit for conversion into pea protein production


PURIS® announces $75M investment from Cargill to build a modernized pea plant in Dawson, MN


PURIS® commercializes the first wet milled pea starch in USA


PURIS® builds team to help create & shape the plant-based food industry


6 locations
400+ Farmers across 14 states
200+ brands


Expand processes and methods to sustainably nourish 10 billion people

Uncovering food industry secrets

14 superweeds

The number of new weeds that are resistant to her herbicides because of the Roundup chemical glyphosate.

160 million

U.S. acres with genetically modified corn and soybeans

~300 million

The pounds of herbicides sprayed on U.S. crops annually

30% emissions

Food production is responsible for ~30% of global greenhouse gas emissions

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