Natto & Sprouting Soybeans

Elevate your offerings with PURIS Natto & Sprouting soybeans, your premier choice for small-seeded soybean variety solutions.

Natto & Sprouting soybeans

Why you’ll love it

Strong germination rates make for an excellent sprouting soybean option. These high-protein beans, uniform in color and shape, lay a satisfying foundation for nutritious and delicious natto.

Traditional natto & sprouting soybeans are grown by progressive farmers in the USA upholding our standards of non-GMO production. Traceable journey from field through conditioning ensures confidence in a safe and trusted domestic natto supply.


Sprouting soybeans for salads and soups

PURIS Soybeans vs. Global Soybean Sources

China Sourced Competition
Canada Sourced Competition
Non-GMO Soybeans
Non-GMO Project Verified
Conditioning Available as USA Grown & Conditioned
USA Vertical Supply Chain Integration
Integrated breeding program designing next generation of soybeans

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