PURIS Pea Protein Crisps (6085)

No sugar, versatile crunch

PURIS™ 60% Pea Protein Crisp is designed for inclusion in cereals, bars, and bakery items. A protein boost with added crunch used across applications.

PURIS pea protein crisps
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Why you’ll love it

This 60% protein crisp adds a satisfying plant-based crunch as a complement to finished foods or as a standalone topping.

Adding these crisps aids protein claims in finished foods, while giving your product a no-sugar, added texture and crunch. It’s grain-free, gluten-free, and a turnkey option ready for customization with unique flavors or inclusion within a wide range of finished foods.


Salad topper
Bakery items

Why use peas for your protein?

Soy Protein
Whey Protein
Rice Protein
casein Protein
Free From Common Allergens
Glyphosate Residue Free
Smooth Mouthfeel
Strong Emulsification
Good Solubility
Builds Soil Health
Water Efficient

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