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PURIS Sweet Syrup (SWP)

The eco-conscious, sustainably sweet choice

PURIS Sweet Syrup is a clean-label, USA-sourced ingredient alternative to sweeteners made from tapioca, rice, and agave. 

PURIS sweet syrup
PURIS bar with syrup

Derived from non-GMO whole peas, PURIS Sweet Syrup delivers a pleasing taste with the texture-binding properties you need. 

Available in a range of dextrose equivalents (29DE, 42DE, 60DE), use PURIS Sweet Syrup to add subtle or intense sweetness to all categories of finished foods.

Crystal-clear color

Clarity means fewer imperfections, fewer additives, and more control over finished goods

Clean flavor

No off-notes precludes the need for flavor maskers or other unnecessary ingredients on labels

Easy to work into recipes

Easy pourability, excellent binding, and beautiful shine on finished products


Available as grown on US farms, ensuring more control and less environmental cost


Available as a Certified Organic pea protein. Competitively priced to match or beat other organic syrups on the market

PURIS Sweet Syrup vs. Other Syrups

Tapioca Syrup
Corn Syrup
Brown Rice Syrup
Agave Syrup
Inherently Non-GMO
Commercially Available Organic
Commercially Sourced in USA
Crystal Clear
Neutral Taste
Builds Soil Health
Carbon & Water Efficient
Transparent Supply Chain

Syrup that’s sustainably sweet


20x fewer carbon emissions than brown rice 1


2.5x fewer carbon emissions than tapioca 1


Requires 25% less water than rice 2


Requires 30% less water than tapioca 2

1 per kilo
2 per metric ton

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