Finally, a way to add protein to acidic products

PURIS HiLo is an acid-stable plant protein optimized for low-pH/high-acid applications. With ultra-high solubility, it can be seamlessly added to products without imparting viscosity. 

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Acid Stable Advantage
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Protein-packed acidic products? Challenge accepted.

42% of consumers say protein is one of the most important ingredients in their food or beverages. But when it comes to acidic beverages, dressings, condiments, fruit juices, pouches, and snacks, balancing protein fortification with mixability has become a notorious barrier — and has kept these types of products from reaching the market.

With 1 in 4 consumers very or extremely interested in protein as a functional ingredient, now's the time to find ways to add protein to high-pH products.

If you've ever wanted to add protein to fruit or energy drinks, baby food, frozen desserts, or iced coffee but struggled with mixing, mouthfeel, or taste, HiLo is the answer to your struggles.

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Hydration, amplified.

Among sports and functional nutrition products, protein reigns supreme. 27% of consumers actively seek out protein content. Meanwhile, hydration beverages quench the thirst of a significant portion of younger demographics: 60% of Millennials and a combined 58% of Gen Z and Gen X consumers report seeking them out.  

Yet, the top 10 companies in hydration launches only accounted for 20% of new product launches over the past two years, indicating a fragmented market with space for new players to join and compete.

Mixing protein and high-pH hydration products is easy with HiLo. This unique protein is in the top two commercial pea proteins for high emulsification, offering superior solubility at acidic pHs. Boasting low viscosity for ease of processing (or for applications where viscosity isn’t desired, such as juices and sports drinks), HiLo opens creative doors to provide fresh, hydrating products.

Trailblazing Products
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Give consumers something they've never seen before.

Whey, vegetable protein hydrolysate, and soy protein have been used for years to add protein to acidic products — but they each come with their own taste and functional challenges. 

What what if you could make protein-packed citrus sodas, spicy salsas, bakery items, energy drinks, and more?

HiLo makes it possible to give consumers the healthier, high-protein, low-sugar, natural ingredients they want — even in high-pH products. With low viscosity, HiLo doesn't change the mouthfeel of a beverage. And with neutral color, it has minimal impact on the appearance of your products during processing, which makes fortifying your existing products even easier.


PURIS HiLo vs. Other Protein Smoothies

In a statistical sensory panel, a protein smoothie made with PURIS HiLo was compared with a protein smoothie retail product made with other plant proteins. These were the findings.

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Why you’ll love it

Traditionally, plant proteins have been incompatible in acidic environments due to protein precipitation, which creates an extremely chalky mouthfeel. PURIS HiLo is changing the game by creating a solution for protein fortification in acidic beverages and foods.

HiLo boasts 80% protein, low water-hold, high solubility, stability in acidic environments, and a clean taste. And stability in acidic environments means PURIS HiLo will impart a clean taste along with a smooth, non-chalky mouthfeel in low-pH applications.


Fruit juices
Fruit purees
Ready-to-mix powders
Sports nutrition beverages
Functional and carbonated water
Acidic products


80% protein, low viscosity, high solubility, stability in acidic environments, clean taste

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Why use peas for your protein?

Soy Protein
Whey Protein
Rice Protein
casein Protein
Free From Common Allergens
Glyphosate Residue Free
Smooth Mouthfeel
Strong Emulsification
Good Solubility
Builds Soil Health
Water Efficient

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