PURIS Flow X Pea Protein

Smooth-flowing pea protein

PURIS Flow X protein has all the functionality from PURIS Pea Protein but is designed with flowability through powder-handling equipment in mind.


Why You'll
Love Flow X

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Protein products don't have to mean clogged extruders. 

Protein-packed cereals and snacks are rising in popularity, with 68% of global consumers snacking at least once per day. But these products can also be difficult to manufacture, especially if they regularly clog your extruders.

Switching to a protein designed with flowability in mind wouldn't just decrease downtime from clogged extruders ( and the resulting increase in efficiency) but would make it possible to save on production costs — regardless of whether you run an old or new twin extruder.

If your plant wasn't designed for plant-based products, this one's for you. As the most flowable pea protein on the market, Flow X unlocks faster efficiency for maximum output and profit (while still giving you the neutral flavor and protein fortification that consumers crave).

Downtime Reduction
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Experience peak throughput — more product in, more profit out.

Clogs in your feeder or hopper = downtime, lost product, and less revenue. But what if you could take the fine protein particles you would normally use in your recipes and increase them by over 240%?

Flow X's unique design helps makers use pea protein at a faster rate by agglomerating the protein to improve hydration and reduce dustiness (which also results in a smoother, more pleasant finished texture that dissolves more readily in liquids).

Due to Flow X’s unique flowability, the decrease in downtime from clogged extruders — and the resulting increase in efficiency — makes it possible to enhance the performance of your extrusion operations  (regardless of whether you run an old or new twin extruder).

Protein Fortification
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Fortify any extruded product, any way you imagine.

In today's market, 34% of consumers report increased healthy snack consumption over the past year. And in the past 10 years, Google Search queries for high-protein snacks have increased 34.5% globally.

With demand only growing for protein-packed products, the market for plant-based proteins continues to grow in tandem.

From cereals and snacks to textured pea protein applications, Flow X allows you to fortify all types of products with just one protein in your arsenal. Flow X can run at all types of temperatures, always offers a neutral taste in your end product, and is an easy protein boost to any recipe. 




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Why use peas for your protein?

Soy Protein
Whey Protein
Rice Protein
casein Protein
Free From Common Allergens
Glyphosate Residue Free
Smooth Mouthfeel
Strong Emulsification
Good Solubility
Builds Soil Health
Water Efficient

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