Organic Ingredients

Give consumers the organic products they crave 

Create plant-powered products that nourish people, boost sales, future-proof your business, and build a better future for our planet.




The organic food market has exceeded $60 billion, making it more important than ever for ingredients to be certified organic, ethically sourced, protein-packed, and highly delicious. PURIS’s closed-loop production system for organic peas and soybeans allows us to closely monitor our ingredients to ensure they meet certified organic criteria, are free from harmful chemicals like glyphosate, and are contributing to a more sustainable food supply chain.

Tap into 100% organic ingredients that customers trust.



Grown on North American, organic farms
Organic and non-GMO only facilities for 20+ years
On-site Organic Inspections at all facilities
Smaller lots for robust traceability

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Supply Chain Security

Did you know that only 1% of American farmland is certified organic? Or that transitioning farmland to organic takes around three years? 

With PURIS, you can rest assured that your organic production runs won't be disrupted. We contract with an extensive network of organic farmers in diversified growing regions to ensure a stable, reliable supply of organic crops, even amidst market fluctuations and challenging growing seasons.

Our organic promise

PURIS meets Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE Act) criteria for certified organic ingredients, which means you never have to worry about the integrity of your organic ingredients. With all of our ingredients grown in North America and processed in contamination-free, American facilities, we have what you need to scale and grow.

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Glyphosate-Free Guarantee

Give your brand the edge that matters. PURIS organic pea proteins are rigorously tested and certified Glyphosate Residue Free, giving you a competitive advantage in a market increasingly wary of this controversial herbicide. 

Why it matters

While consumers are gravitating toward organic ingredients, glyphosates (found in herbicides like RoundUpTM) are still permittable at trace levels in certified organic ingredients. Using ingredients that don't contain glyphosates is just one more way you can offer cleaner products to your consumers.


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Clean Label Advantage

Ditch the synthetic additives and questionable sourcing. PURIS's end-to-end process begins with naturally bred non-GMO seeds, continues with our certified organic growers, and carries through contamination-free facilities. The result is super-clean foods even the most conscientious eater can love.

Why it matters

As consumers search for products with fewer ingredients, certified organic ingredients offer unwavering purity and transparency. Now's the time to build trust with discerning consumers who demand the best for their health and the planet. 


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Best-Tasting Products

Forget chalky, bland protein powders and cereal tasting starches, PURIS organic ingredients deliver a smooth, clean taste that elevates your product formulas, unlocking a world of creative possibilities for delicious, high-performance plant-based offerings.

What it means for you

Organic ingredients meet consumer criteria for clean, healthy foods and beverages. Combine that with the neutral, smooth taste of PURIS ingredients and your products will exceed consumer expectations — and keep them coming back for more.



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Local Support

Buying PURIS means buying from local farmers in your community who are dedicated to a better future for our planet.

For 30+ years, PURIS has been sustained by a tight-knit alliance of partners who share our high standards. Side by side with forward-thinking growers and food companies, we're improving every link in the chain of food production by supporting non-GMO, organic, plant-based foods.

What it means for you

Supporting local, North American farmers and growers positively impacts your local economy, establishes trust with your consumers, lowers environmental impact, and makes food production more scalable to meet the needs of our growing planet.

Organic Supply You Can Count On

Consumers are demanding clean, transparent foods — and PURIS Organic Ingredients deliver. To ensure the availability of your supply, we contract with growers in multiple regions of the United States and Canada to diversify our supply base and mitigate large weather event effects.

By directly sourcing from hundreds of certified organic farmers, PURIS can help you build customer loyalty and ensure brand integrity.


Ready to tap into the booming organic market with confidence?