PURIS Yellow Field Pea Seed PP-0667

PURIS PP-0667 is a short-season, yellow field pea seed bred and adapted to climates across the United States.

PURIS yellow field pea

Growing Details

Maturity Days: 79

Days to Bloom: 53

Bloom Duration: 12

Plant Height: Medium

Flower Color: White

Why you'll love it

Naturally bred for superior performance, adaptable to local soils, excellent disease-resistance package and tolerance to heat, geared toward southern climates, early vigor, and strong root system.

PURIS Advantage

With a personalized total production contract, farmers can grow PURIS non-GMO yellow field peas to diversify rotations, build soil health, and reach plant-based food markets.

PURIS Grower Program vs. Others

Seed Companies
Grain Elevators
Food Manufacturers
Supported by Gentic Program
Contracting with Farmers
Conditioning Facilities
End-Use Market
Seed to Ingredient Closed-Loop System

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