PURIS Non-GMO Soybean Seed 8c165

PURIS 8C165 is a non-GMO Soybean seed naturally bred in climates across the country and adaptable to lesser-quality soils.

PURIS non-gmo soybean

Growing Details

Relative Maturity: 1.65

Emergence: 1.4

Plant Height: Tall

Plant Type: Bush

Disease resistance

Brown Stem Rot: 1.7

White Mold: 1.4

Sudden Death Syndrome: 1.5

Phytophthora: 1.7

Why you'll love it

Farmers can grow PURIS non-GMO soybeans on a personalized total production contract, take advantage of pre-pricing opportunities, lock into food-grade premiums, and reach plant-based food markets.

Crop Coverage

PURIS offers assistance to Growers when enrolling in Federal Soybean Crop Coverage. Ask your PURIS rep for more information.

PURIS Grower Program vs. Others

Seed Companies
Grain Elevators
Food Manufacturers
Supported by Gentic Program
Contracting with Farmers
Conditioning Facilities
End-Use Market
Seed to Ingredient Closed-Loop System

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