Every Reason to Love What You Eat

Healthy eating shouldn’t be a sacrifice. PURIS ingredients deliver everything you want in food, and nothing you don’t. Our organic, non-GMO, plant-based solutions have some of the highest protein content on the planet, with a satisfying taste that redefines what clean food can be.


PURIS® Organic Pea Protein is available for anyone to create plant-based protein solutions at home. Use the same U.S.A. manufactured ingredient that powers some of the world biggest plant-based brands in your own household recipes.

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Learn How a Sustainable Food System Started 35 Years Ago

One choice that checks all the boxes.

PURIS delivers appetizing texture, abundant nutrition, and amazing flavor without compromise – No gluten, meat, preservatives, dairy, allergens, or GMOs, plus it's 100% vegan.

A pure, plant-based pedigree.

You deserve to know where your food comes from and how it’s made. When it comes from PURIS, you don’t have to wonder. Our process begins with natural non-GMO breeding, continues with plants grown on certified-organic U.S. fields, and carries through processing in super-clean facilities.

Good for people, the land, and life on earth.

By choosing PURIS, you join a sustainable movement that’s improving every step in our food system: healthier choices for people, practices that are safe for soil and animals, and a food supply ready to feed a growing planet.